Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Changing for the world...

Have you ever thought about what you could do to affect change? I mean real , honest and meaningful change... It could be something small or something grand.. Jesus was always about affecting change in the lives of people that he encountered. He fed them, healed them, talked with them but most importantly loved them. He didn't care about outward appearances unlike most people today.

Sometimes making a difference could be as small as smiling at someone and brightening their day.It could be that you offer a random act of kindness... Have you ever bought the coffee of the person standing behind you in line at the donut shop? Why not? Are we as a generation afraid of "laying ourselves out there" ? Do you think that the person that you just bought coffee for will reject you.... Of course not! They will probably be surprised at the gesture.. And possibly..... Return the act of kindness to someone else...

What if we could ask for anything with the hope that someone will fulfill the wish? There is a website that has only been up for about 3 months called Askwish.com that is already affecting change in the lives of the people that have signed up. The site is awesome and the concept itself novel. I plan on trying to help others on the site when I am able but there is another hope that we so often overlook. That hope is in Jesus Christ. He has given us a way to change the world..
We can live in a world of light instead of darkness because of his love for us. God has the ability to fulfill our hopes, dreams and wishes.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Inspiration on the internet, are you kidding me??

I know it seems a bizarre concept to say the least, however; it is true.... there are actually (brace yourselves) inspirational stories on the world wide web (who would have ever imagined it?)...Today...day 14 post surgery, I was having yet another mundane day in the midst of the world without cable or satelite TV and decided to "see" what I could find that had any type of moral value on the computer. I decided to watch "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. This man captured my heart in his ability to accept the things that God has presented him with and instead of standing around waiting for "his fate" he is instead ...embracing life!!!

Come to think of it... maybe....could it be that this is the way that God would have us all to live our lives? Jesus did... although he knew from birth his eternal purpose he also embraced life and lived his 33 years on this earth to the fullest.

Why is it that the average person is afraid to LIVE their lives with careless abandon? Why do we run away from challenges instead of embracing life? Why do we spend our lives burying our hopes, dreams, fears ,and abilities deep within our selves only to have them die long before our body ever gives out?

I am determined to live my life ... maybe not with reckless abandon...but I will live it as God directs me and I will choose to EMBRACE every day just like Randy is doing...just like Jesus did.
What about you...When life hands you lemons...make lemonade and share a glass with a friend !