Sunday, April 7, 2013

                    BE STILL MY THRIFTING HEART..

My o- stinking my!!! I soooo WANTED to jump into the new year with the great intention of trying to blog everyday... NoW of course I knew the realities of this happening were pretty slim at best BUT come on... I have not blogged now in 5 weeks!!!

It's not like I don't have time (although I do wonder where my time goes...Hmmm???) So I just have to admit that it is obviously going to get done when I feel like it...That being said.... I have sooo much to share!!!

I am a self-proclaimed JUnK QuEeN!!! I love to go junkin and looking for treasures.. The past two weeks have found me scouring all sorts of haunts looking for cool stuff... I went to Canton last weekend with my friend Ashlee.. We had so so much FUN and found lots of neat things.

This cute little thing came from a farm sale just down the street from my house. You can't tell from the photo but it is on casters.Not sure what it will be yet perhaps a  Bar/beverage cart for summer entertaining or a great place for flowers to be planted. Possibilities abound though.

Picked up a beautiful white chenille popcorn bedspread and silver platter from a sweet little lady at Canton. Both were great buys and in great condition.

This chippy peeling beauty was my greatest find this weekend.. I have been wanting to make a bench for awhile now but hadn't found the right bed yet... CHa-CHing!!! Found it AND the best part was that it was only 10.00!!!

Was looking for certain letters in this huge box of plastic 3-D letters when the seller told me I could have them all for 5.00. SOLD.... I see glitter, fabric, ribbon and paint in their future..

Found some sweet old small suitcases and an assortment of vintage embroidery hoops.

I also have a fondness for old pretty china. Found these little darlings at a roadside garage sale as well as the cute little angel statue that has a pale pink patina.

Found some sweet vintage floral pillows and an old BALL mason jar. I already own some but I love them so... Also couldn't pass up these frames that had such pretty detailing on them. I see different colors in their futures but I love the daintiness of the frames themselves. 

Spindle legs were finds at Canton. They are going to become legs for a table that I am making out of an old window. Turquoise perhaps??? Loved, loved, loved the vintage floral painting. Not in perfect condition but workable condition. Also found this cute little broken child's rocking chair. Thinking of fashioning it into some kind of planter or shelf. Not sure yet...

This is not a complete or comprehensive  list of the two week haul but oh what fun I had searching and seeking out each and every one of these finds. NEED to run so I can go get started on all these AWESOME restoration projects!!! Hope you enjoyed my little junkin tour...

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