Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gypsy Love , Junkin Heart and Butterfly dreams

I Love, LOVE, lOvE the Junk Gypsies on HGTV...There is not anything that inspires me more than to see WHAT they are gonna create. Now don't get me wrong, I am fairly creative but I do not have: a) tools or workshop
b)family at my disposal that will drop everything to help me create my most recent dreamed up fanciful ideas c)$$$ d) their adorable cuteness . 

Last weekend I sooooo wanted to go junkin and just be with some of my girls kicking back and having a good time. Well.... as my luck (which if you know me is NEVER good) would have it, gas prices jumped 16 cents in one day, several of my normal running buddies had plans and so my dreams of a road trip to Brenham, Texas to go to the Garage Sale Competition that was being filmed for the girls new HGTV show was sidetracked and permanently de-railed. RATS!!!

What ever is a self proclaimed Junk Queen to do??? Well....I decided to stay at home and do some creative stuff closer to the casa. I painted my quilt nook with some very pretty hues of my favorite colors ( all warm and yummy) : turquoise,yellow, red and orange!! I painted them and then antiqued them a little with a pecan stain. I LOVE the way it came out. I also ventured into our local Saturday night auction up in town. I have wanted to check that place out for several years now but never had made it in there. Who knows how much good junk I missed in this length of time???

There was a LOT of junk to be had at the auction and not all of it was good BUT I had a blast!! Brought home a few treasures and the best part is I was entertained for a couple of hours and spent less than 20.00. Not bad for  a Saturday night. The hubby went too and he actually had fun ( go figure).  I also took some time to watch some of my Art class videos. I am learning how to create all things with wings. I started watching the videos about butterflies. I haven't completed a drawing, painting or sketch of one yet but I HAVE come up with the perfect quote to go on one I have in my head. It will say ," God didn't want me to spit and sputter so he gave me wings so I can flutter." original quote by me. 

What kind of things get you excited? Junkin, watching those creative Texas gals, painting, going to garage sales and DREAMING are all things that I have a definite passion for. I hope you find time to explore things that make YOU happy in the coming week. 



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